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titleOver Sapphire Seas1934 AD
titleP-38 Flight Characteristics1943 AD
titlePaintings Taken from Florence by Germans, San Leonardo, Italy1945 AD
titlePakistan1971 AD
titlePalestine - A Nation in Exile1976 AD
titlePanama Canal1912 AD
titleParaguay1945 AD
titleParaguay - A New Frontier1958 AD
titleParis 19441944 AD
titlePark Conscious1938 AD
titlePeace Loving Switzerland1958 AD
titlePeace March - Thousands Oppose Vietnam War1967 AD
titlePearl Harbor
titlePeople Along the Mississippi1952 AD
titlePeople of Western China1940 AD
titlePersia and the Shah1971 AD
titlePersonality and Emotions1954 AD
titlePeru - Quake and Recovery
titlePhysical Evidence
titlePikes Peak Cog Railway1920 AD
titlePikes Peak Cog Railway1936 AD
titlePikes Peak or Bust1954 AD
titlePlane Talk1965 AD
titlePlant Pilferage
titlePoland Reconstruction1971 AD
titlePortrait of a City - Detroit1961 AD
titlePortrait of Antarctica1961 AD
titlePosada1964 AD
titlePottery Workers of Oaxaca1952 AD
titlePresident Clinton Address on Iraq Strike1993 AD
titlePresident Clinton Remarks on USS Cole Attack2000 AD
titlePresident Clinton Statement on Kosovo1999 AD
titlePresident Clinton Visiting Bosnia1997 AD
titlePresident Hafez al-Assad of Syria1980 AD
titlePresident Kennedy's 1961 Inaugural Address1961 AD
titlePresident Kennedy's Address on Cuba Missile Crisis1962 AD
titlePresident Kennedy's Press Conference on South Vietnam1963 AD
titlePresident Nixon Defends His Office on Watergate Charges
titlePresident Nixon Speaks from White House on Watergate
titlePresident Richard Nixon in the Middle East1974 AD
titlePresident Roosevelt and Party Arrive at Pearl Harbor1944 AD
titlePresident Roosevelt Inaugurated1945 AD
titlePresident Roosevelt Meets Middle East Leaders1945 AD
titlePresidents Clinton and Yeltsin - Joint Press Conference1995 AD
titlePreventing the Spread of Disease1940 AD
titlePride Runs Deep1978 AD
titlePrivate Snafu - Censored1944 AD
titlePrivate Snafu - Going Home1944 AD
titlePrivate Snafu - Rumors1944 AD
titlePrivate Snafu - Spies1943 AD
titlePrivate Snafu vs. Malaria Mike1944 AD
titleProject Thunderstorm1947 AD
titlePromise of Pakistan Geography1950 AD
titlePropaganda Techniques1949 AD
titleProud Years1956 AD
titlePuerto Rico - Its Past, Present and Promise1965 AD
titleRace Movies - The Popular Art of the Black Renaissance1985 AD
titleRadar Secrets Revealed1945 AD
titleRadiological Defense1961 AD
titleRAF Sinks Tirpitz1944 AD
titleRail Strike Paralyzes Entire United States1946 AD
titleRailway with a Heart of Gold1965 AD
titleRancheros and Gauchos in Argentina1969 AD
titleRebuilding Indian Country1933 AD
titleReclamation and the Arid West1936 AD
titleRecognition of the Japanese Zero Fighter1943 AD
titleRed Chinese Battle Plan1964 AD
titleRed Nightmare1962 AD
titleRedstone Arsenal Through the Years2003 AD
titleRedstone Missile in Production1957 AD
titleRedwood Saga1940 AD
titleReg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens
titleReport from the Aleutians
titleResist1953 AD
titleRestoration of Sanity1957 AD
titleRestored Apollo 11 EVA1969 AD
titleReturn of Count Spirochete1973 AD
titleRhodesia1976 AD
titleRice Farmer in Thailand1969 AD
titleRight on the Button
titleRiver People of Chad1969 AD
titleRivers of the Pacific Slope1947 AD
titleRoad Runners1952 AD
titleRoad to the Wall1962 AD
titleRoad to the Wall1962 AD
titleRoads to Romance - Coral Gables1950 AD
titleRocky Mountain Corvair Commercial1960 AD
titleRoger RamJet vs. Dr. Ivan Evilkisser
titleRonald Reagan - Address on Challenger Explosion1986 AD
titleRonald Reagan - Address on Libya Air Strikes1986 AD
titleRonald Reagan - Brandenburg Gate Address1987 AD
titleRonald Reagan - Evil Empire Speech1983 AD
titleRonald Reagan and the Cold War
titleRoosevelt Inspects U.S. Army Camps1943 AD
titleRoosevelt Warns Axis1943 AD
titleRoswell Reports (Part I)
titleRough Road to Panama1947 AD
titleRoyal Ballet of Cambodia1965 AD
titleRural Surveillance1993 AD
titleRussian Consumer1968 AD