Title:Noon Hour at Illinois Glass Co.
Artist:Lewis Hine
Owner:Library of Congress
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of Creation:1910 AD
Tags:Photographs Illinois

Noon hour. These boys are all working in the Illinois Glass Co. 1) Smallest boy, Frank (?) Dwyer, 1009 1/2 E. 6 St., says he has been working here 3 months. 2) Joe Dwyer (brother) Has been working here over 2 years. 3) Henry Maul, 513 Central Ave. 4) Frank Schenk, Lives with uncle, 611 Central Ave. 5) Emil Ohley, 1012 E. 6th Street. 6) Wm. Jarett, 825 E. 5th Street. 7) Fred Metz, 707 Bloomfield Street. In addition to their telling me they worked I saw them beginning work just before 1 P.M. Photo at 12:30. Alton, Ill. May 17, 1910. Location: Alton, Illinois

This jigsaw puzzle was adapted from Jigsaw Puzzle by Raymond Hill.