Title:Boy Employees of Chesapeake Knitting Mills
Artist:Lewis Hine
Owner:Library of Congress
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of Creation:1911 AD
Tags:Photographs Virginia

These boys, and others, work in the Chesapeake Knitting Mills, Berkley, Va. See also photos and label 2245 to 2249. Following are some of their names; - (the youngest refused to give names): Otto, Lowe, 78 Seaboard Ave. Finishing Room. D. M. Deschields, 25 Phillip St. So, Norfolk, Winding Room. Oscar Westo[n] 1320 Berkley Ave. Totes work. Lonnie Wommack, Hawthorn Ave. So. Norfolk, Winding Room. Jack Harrell, 66 Perry St., So. Norfolk, Finishing Room. Waverley Roseberry, 250 St. James St., So. Norfolk, Winding Room. Charlie McHorney, 4 Poindexter St., So. Norfolk, Winding Room. Location: Berkley, Virginia.

This jigsaw puzzle was adapted from Jigsaw Puzzle by Raymond Hill.