Title:Arnao Family, Residents of Chicken Coop
Artist:Lewis Hine
Owner:Library of Congress
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of Creation:1910 AD
Tags:Photographs Delaware

This photo shows what was formerly a chicken coop, in which during the berry season the Arnao family live on Hitchen's farm, Seaford, Del. 17 children and 5 elders live in this made over chicken coop. The age of 10 of the children is given below: 1 Child is 3 years old; 1 Child is 4 years old; 1 Child is 5 years old; 1 Child is 6 years old; 2 Children are 7 years old; 1 Child is 9 years old; 1 Child is 10 years old; 1 Child is 11 years old; 1 Child is 13 years old. Another photo in this collection shows the Arnao family on Truitt's Farm. On the day of the investigation no berries being picked on Hitchen's Farm. The family went over to the Truitt's farm to pick. [Handwritten notation:] See them picking strawberries (Sept 28, 1910) in photos & labels 1128-1129-1130. Edward F. Brown, Investigator. Location: Seaford, Delaware

This jigsaw puzzle was adapted from Jigsaw Puzzle by Raymond Hill.