Group Outside Pittman Handle Factory by Lewis Hine

Title:Group Outside Pittman Handle Factory
Artist:Lewis Hine
Owner:Library of Congress
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of Creation:1913 AD
Tags:Photographs Texas
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Group outside Pittman Handle Factory. A fifteen year old boy operating a dangerous boring machine at which he said a boy recently bored half his hand off. To operate this machine (which bores a large hole in the spade handle) the boy has to throw his whole weight onto the lever which pushes the handle (and himself) up against the unprotected borer. A slip might easily result fatally. Boy earns $1.65 a day. This factory has a number of unprotected belts and dangerous machines. One other boy, about the age of this one, was doing all kind[s] of work, taking away the handles from a huge rip saw, etc., and constantly exposed to danger. Pittman Handle Factory, Denison, Tex. Location: Denison, Texas.