Boys Working in Massey Hosiery Mills by Lewis Hine

Title:Boys Working in Massey Hosiery Mills
Artist:Lewis Hine
Owner:Library of Congress
Country of Origin:United States of America
Date of Creation:1913 AD
Tags:Photographs Georgia
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Night Work! Group of boys, all working in Massey Hosiery Mills, Columbus, Ga. Most of them had been working all day and had an hour for supper and were going back into the mill (6:00 P.M.) to work until 8 P.M. as they have done several nights this week and for some time past. I found 4 ten year olds and several of 11 and 12 working in the evenin[g] after supper and they said it was a regular thing. Ferrell [i.e., Terrell?] Butler, 10 yrs old, 1114 21st St., been working off and on 1 yr. Marvin Williams, 11 yrs. old been working 1 yr. part of the time at night. Lawrence Webb, 12 yrs. Old. Jack Wright, 15[?] yrs. working [3] yrs., co]uldn't write his ow[n] name. Are working nights now, as well as the following who were not in these photos. Gordon Stone, 10 yrs. old. Rufus Matthews, 10 yrs. old, works before and after school and nights some. Lives 1171 [27th?] Street, and Harry McElroy, 10 yrs. old night [...] Location: Columbus, Georgia.