Chrissy Angliker

Swiss Painter

1983 AD -

Chrissy Angliker

Chrissy Angliker was born in Zurich, Switzerland and raised in Greifensee and Winterthur. Her earliest ambitions were to grow up to be a stunt woman - and to make art. From a very young age she experimented with stone, clay, and found objects among other materials. Beginning in 1996 she was fortunate to study with the Russian artist Juri Borodachev, who became her artistic mentor for several years.

In 1999 at age 16, Chrissy moved to the States to study Fine Art at the Walnut Hill School in Natick, Mass., and after much encouragement from her parents she then pursued a degree in industrial design at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

Chrissy has developed a profound understanding of three-dimensional design, relationships between objects, and creating character through form. During her studies at Pratt Institute, Chrissy won many national and international design awards. She was selected for numerous juried shows, including ICFF. She has a diverse portfolio that spans the world of design, including furniture, lighting, product design, way-finding, display design and branding in the fields of beauty and health.

Chrissy has been cultivating her own work in fine art and design, which continues to incorporate her political, spiritual and humanitarian perspective. Her work has been published in magazines and books world wide.

The focus of her latest painting series lies in "creating a balanced relationship between the controllable and uncontrollable. For every intentional mark, there follows a free-falling drip, challenging it. The artist is searching for a sense of grace in the transition between these two opposing elements. This series arose from her feeling of life itself being a balance between control and chaos. As people, we have intentions, but must anticipate the intervention of outside forces beyond our power. In each portrait, extreme opposites are juxtaposed: ugly versus beautiful, sorrow versus elation, order versus disorder. Every living thing is made up of a unique mixture of opposites; therefore to honestly portray a subject, one must include the dark, the shadowed, in order to highlight the depth and beauty. The finished painting captures the relationship created by trying to balance these extremes to show a whole, and frank representation of the subject."

Today, she works in Brooklyn, NY and has dual citizenship in Switzerland and the USA. Her official website is

Chrissy Angliker's Works of Art

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thumbnail of Danielle
thumbnail of Fabian and Solveigh
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