Jacob Riis

American Photographer

1849 AD - 1914 AD

Jacob Riis

Jacob Riis's Works of Art

thumbnail of A Black-and-Tan Dive in Africathumbnail of A Downtown Morgue (Unlicensed Saloon)thumbnail of A Flat in the Pauper Barracksthumbnail of A Growler Gangthumbnail of A Growler Gang in Session
thumbnail of A Home Nursethumbnail of Alley Scenethumbnail of An Ash-Barrelthumbnail of An Old Rear Tenement in Roosevelt Streetthumbnail of Bandit's Roost
thumbnail of Basement of a Pub in Mulberry-Bend at 3 AMthumbnail of Baxter Street Alley, Rag-Picker's Rowthumbnail of Blind Beggarthumbnail of Bohemian Cigarmakers at Work in their Tenamentthumbnail of Bottle Alley
thumbnail of Bottle Alley, Mulberry Bendthumbnail of Bottle Alley, Mulberry Roadthumbnail of Boy's Ball Teamthumbnail of Boys from the Italian Quarterthumbnail of Bunks in a Seven-Cent Lodging House, Pell Street
thumbnail of Children in a Playgroundthumbnail of Children's Playground in Poverty Cap, New Yorkthumbnail of Dens of Death, New Yorkthumbnail of Didn't Live Nowherethumbnail of Drilling the Gang on Mulberry Street
thumbnail of Family Making Artificial Flowersthumbnail of Feast of Saint Rocco, Bandit's Roost, Mulberry Streetthumbnail of Fighting Tuberculosis on the Roofthumbnail of Five Cents Lodging, Bayard Streetthumbnail of Getting Ready for Supper in the Newsboys' Lodging House
thumbnail of Girl and a Baby on a Doorstepthumbnail of Girl from the West 52 Street Industrial Schoolthumbnail of Girl of the Tenementsthumbnail of Gotham Courtthumbnail of Gotham Court Girls
thumbnail of Greek Children in Gotham Courtthumbnail of Hell's Kitchen and Sebastopolthumbnail of Hester Streetthumbnail of Home of an Italian Ragpickerthumbnail of Hunting River Thieves, New York
thumbnail of Ice on Burnt-Out Buildingthumbnail of In a Chinese Jointthumbnail of In a Divethumbnail of In a Seven-Cent Lodging Housethumbnail of In Poverty Gap, West 28 Street - An English Coal-Heaver's Home
thumbnail of In Sleeping Quarters - Rivington Street Dumpthumbnail of In the Sun Office, 2 AMthumbnail of In the Sun Office, 3 AMthumbnail of Jewish Neighborhoodthumbnail of Lodgers in Crowded Bayard Street Tenement
thumbnail of Ludlow Street Sweater's Shopthumbnail of Men's Lodging Room in the West 47th Street Stationthumbnail of Minding Baby, Cherry Hillthumbnail of Minding the Baby, Scene in Gotham Courtthumbnail of Mountain Eagle, an Iroquis, and Family
thumbnail of Mulberry Bendthumbnail of Mulberry Bend, Southwest Corner of the Blockthumbnail of Mulberry Street Police Station, Waiting for Lodging to Openthumbnail of Mullen's Alley, Cherry Hillthumbnail of Necktie Sweatshop in a Division Street Tenement
thumbnail of Newsboy in the Duane Street Lodging Housethumbnail of Old Barney in Cat Alleythumbnail of Old House on a Bleecker Street Back Lotthumbnail of Old Mrs. Benoir in her Hudson Street Atticthumbnail of On the Roof of the Barracks
thumbnail of One of Four Peddlers in Cellar of 11 Ludlow Streetthumbnail of Pietro Learning to Write, Jersey Streetthumbnail of Police Station Lodger, A Plank for a Bedthumbnail of Police Station Lodgers, Madison Streetthumbnail of Prayer time in the Nursery - Five Points House of Industry
thumbnail of Quarters for the Nightthumbnail of Room in a Tenementthumbnail of Rushing the Growlerthumbnail of Sabbath Eve in a Coal Cellar, Ludlow Streetthumbnail of Safe from the Cops
thumbnail of Sewing and Starving in an Elizabeth Street Atticthumbnail of Shoemaker, Broome Streetthumbnail of Sisters, Vandam Streetthumbnail of Stale Bread Vendorthumbnail of Street Arabs in Sleeping Quarters
thumbnail of Street Arabs in Sleeping Quarters at Nightthumbnail of Street Arabs in Sleeping Quarters, Church Cornerthumbnail of Street Arabs in their Sleeping Quartersthumbnail of Street Cleaning, Fourth Streetthumbnail of Tenement Fire Escapes
thumbnail of Tenement House Yardthumbnail of The Baby's Playgroundthumbnail of The First Board of Election in the Beach Street Industrial Schoolthumbnail of The Homestead in the Bendthumbnail of The Short Tail Gang Under a Pier
thumbnail of The Trampthumbnail of Tramps Lodging in a Jersey Street Yardthumbnail of Twelve-Year-Old Boy Pulling Threads in a Sweat Shopthumbnail of Typical Tenement Fire Escapethumbnail of Under the Dump at West 35 Street
thumbnail of Upstairs in Blind Man's Alleythumbnail of Vegetable Stand in the Bendthumbnail of What the Boys Learn on their Street Playgroundthumbnail of Women in Elizabeth Street Police Stationthumbnail of Women in Gotham Court Sewing

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