James Bard

American Painter

1815 AD - 1897 AD

James Bard

James Bard's Works of Art

thumbnail of A. G. Lawsonthumbnail of Albertinathumbnail of Alidathumbnail of Almendaresthumbnail of Amanda Winants
thumbnail of Americathumbnail of Americathumbnail of American Eaglethumbnail of Andrew Fletcherthumbnail of Annie J. Lyman
thumbnail of Armeniathumbnail of Arrowsmiththumbnail of Austinthumbnail of Broadwaythumbnail of C. Vanderbilt
thumbnail of Casper Lawsonthumbnail of Cayugathumbnail of Chrystenahthumbnail of City of Brocktonthumbnail of City of Catskill
thumbnail of Columbiathumbnail of Columbusthumbnail of Commercethumbnail of Commodorethumbnail of Commonwealth
thumbnail of Confidencethumbnail of Crystal Streamthumbnail of Daniel Drewthumbnail of Dewitt Clintonthumbnail of Emma Hendrix
thumbnail of Enoch Deanthumbnail of Fannythumbnail of Fannythumbnail of Florencethumbnail of Frank Herbert
thumbnail of George S. Woodthumbnail of Glen Covethumbnail of Grey Houndthumbnail of Harlemthumbnail of Illinois
thumbnail of Indianathumbnail of Isaac Smiththumbnail of Jacob H. Tremperthumbnail of James A. Stevensthumbnail of James A. Stevens
thumbnail of James W. Baldwinthumbnail of Jenny Lindthumbnail of Jesse Hoytthumbnail of John Birkbeckthumbnail of John L. Hasbrouck
thumbnail of John L. Hasbrouckthumbnail of Kaaterskillthumbnail of Keyportthumbnail of Leviathanthumbnail of Lewis R. Mackey
thumbnail of Lexingtonthumbnail of Long Islandthumbnail of Martha Washingtonthumbnail of Mary Powellthumbnail of Metamora
thumbnail of Metamorathumbnail of Milton Martinthumbnail of Nelly Bakerthumbnail of New Yorkthumbnail of New York
thumbnail of Niagarathumbnail of Normathumbnail of North Starthumbnail of P. Crarythumbnail of P. Crary
thumbnail of Perrythumbnail of Princetonthumbnail of Rangerthumbnail of Reindeerthumbnail of Reindeer
thumbnail of Rip Van Vinklethumbnail of Robert Knappthumbnail of Robert Knappthumbnail of Robert L. Stevensthumbnail of S. A. Stevens
thumbnail of San Rafaelthumbnail of Saratogathumbnail of Seawanhakathumbnail of Shady Sidethumbnail of Southampton
thumbnail of Swallowthumbnail of Sylvan Dellthumbnail of Sylvan Glenthumbnail of Sylvan Grovethumbnail of Sylvan Shore
thumbnail of Sylvan Streamthumbnail of Telegraphthumbnail of Thomas Collyerthumbnail of Thomas E. Hulsethumbnail of Thomas M. McManus
thumbnail of Thomas P. Waythumbnail of Thomas Powellthumbnail of Tidal Wavethumbnail of Trojanthumbnail of United States

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