Edward Sheriff Curtis

American Photographer

1868 AD - 1952 AD

Edward Sheriff Curtis


In 1906 J.P. Morgan offered Curtis $75,000 to produce a series on the North American Indian. It was to be in 20 volumes with 1,500 photographs. Morgan was to receive 25 sets and 500 original prints as his method of repayment. 222 complete sets were eventually published. Curtis' goal was not just to photograph, but to document, as much American Indian (Native American) traditional life as possible before that way of life disappeared. He wrote in the introduction to his first volume in 1907: "The information that is to be gathered ... respecting the mode of life of one of the great races of mankind, must be collected at once or the opportunity will be lost." Curtis made over 10,000 wax cylinder recordings of Indian language and music. He took over 40,000 photographic images from over 80 tribes. He recorded tribal lore and history, and he described traditional foods, housing, garments, recreation, ceremonies, and funeral customs. He wrote biographical sketches of tribal leaders, and his material, in most cases, is the only recorded history.

Edward Sheriff Curtis's Works of Art

thumbnail of A Burial Platform, Apsarokethumbnail of A Cahuilla Childthumbnail of A Camp Among the Oaksthumbnail of A Cheyenne Peyote Leaderthumbnail of A Chief of the Desert, Navajo
thumbnail of A Chief's Daughter, Nakoaktokthumbnail of A Chief's Party, Qagyuhlthumbnail of A Chief, Chukchansi Yokutsthumbnail of A Child of the Desertthumbnail of A Child's Lodge
thumbnail of A Corner of Zunithumbnail of A Desert Cahuilla Womanthumbnail of A Desert Cahuilla Womanthumbnail of A Diegueno Homethumbnail of A Fair Breeze
thumbnail of A Feast Day at Acomathumbnail of A Flathead Dancethumbnail of A Gathering War Party, Atsinathumbnail of A Grave Post, Hooper Baythumbnail of A Hazy Morning, Nakoaktok
thumbnail of A Heavy Loadthumbnail of A Hill Camp, Spokanethumbnail of A Holiday Lodge, Yakimathumbnail of A Hopi Womanthumbnail of A Jemez Fiscal
thumbnail of A Jicarilla Manthumbnail of A Koskimo House-Postthumbnail of A Kwakiutl Canoethumbnail of A Load of Fuel, Zunithumbnail of A Man of Palm Springs, Cahuilla
thumbnail of A Man of Taosthumbnail of A Mat House, Skokomishthumbnail of A Mat Shelter, Skokomishthumbnail of A Mono Homethumbnail of A Morning Chat, Acoma
thumbnail of A Mountain Camp, Yakimathumbnail of A Navajo Farmthumbnail of A Navajo Womanthumbnail of A Point of Interest, Navajothumbnail of A Santa Clara Man (Frost Moving)
thumbnail of A Sarsi Kitchen, Alberta, Canadathumbnail of A Smoky Day at the Sugar Bowl - Hupathumbnail of A Son of the Desert, Navajothumbnail of A Street Scene in San Ildefonso Pueblothumbnail of A Swap
thumbnail of A Taos Womanthumbnail of A Tewa Girlthumbnail of A Tluwulahu Costumethumbnail of A Tluwulahu Mask, Kakiutlthumbnail of A Tsunukwa at Kwaustums
thumbnail of A Walker Lake Paviotsothumbnail of A Washo Womanthumbnail of A Wedding Party, Kwakiutlthumbnail of A Wichita Manthumbnail of A Winter Day, Apsaroke
thumbnail of A Young Yakimathumbnail of A Zuni Doorwaythumbnail of Absoraks, Crowthumbnail of Achomawi Basket-Makerthumbnail of Achomawi Mother and Child
thumbnail of Acoma from the Church Topthumbnail of Acoma from the Souththumbnail of Acoma Roadwaythumbnail of Acoma Water Carriersthumbnail of Acoma Water Girls
thumbnail of Acoma Womanthumbnail of Agichida, Assinibointhumbnail of Ah Chee Lothumbnail of Aki-tannithumbnail of Alchise, Apache
thumbnail of Among the Black Buttes, Navajo Landthumbnail of Among the Rocks, Acomathumbnail of An Acoma Man thumbnail of An Acoma Manthumbnail of An Acoma Woman
thumbnail of An Aged Paviotso of Pyramid Lakethumbnail of An Apache Babethumbnail of An Idle Hour, Pieganthumbnail of An Incident of the Winter Dance, Kwakiutlthumbnail of An Oasis, Navajo
thumbnail of An Offering at the Waterfall, Nambethumbnail of Antelope Capthumbnail of Antelope Ruin, Navajothumbnail of Antelope Ruins, Navajothumbnail of Apache Babe in Carrier
thumbnail of Apache Babe in Carrierthumbnail of Apache Bravethumbnail of Apache Dancersthumbnail of Apache De Gazzathumbnail of Apache Girl
thumbnail of Apache Girl and Papoosethumbnail of Apache Landthumbnail of Apache Medicine Cap and Fetishthumbnail of Apache Mescal Campthumbnail of Apache Mother and Baby
thumbnail of Apache Scoutthumbnail of Apache Still Lifethumbnail of Apache Warriorthumbnail of Apache Wickiupthumbnail of Apache Wickup

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