Vann Nath

Cambodian Painter

1946 AD -

Vann Nath

Vann Nath is one of only seven survivors from the Khmer Rouge's secret prison known as S-21. S-21 was operated under the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia from 1975-1979 and during that time about 14,000 men, women, and children were tortured and executed there. Vann Nath was able to survive by working inside the prison as an artist, making portraits and sculptures of Pol Pot. After his release, he painted memories from his time there, depicting horrifying scenes of torture and murder.

Vann Nath's Works of Art

thumbnail of Artist in His Cell (Self-Portrait)
thumbnail of Classroom Turned Prison
thumbnail of Electricity and Water Torture
thumbnail of Mother and Child
thumbnail of Nail-Pulling Torture
thumbnail of Pray for Peace
thumbnail of Self-Portrait
thumbnail of The Village of my Birth
thumbnail of Untitled
thumbnail of Water Torture