H. R. Giger

Swiss Painter

1940 AD -

H. R. Giger


Giger's work is very recognizable and served as inspiration for much of the style used in the movie Alien. His work is often described as biomechanical.

H. R. Giger's Works of Art

thumbnail of Alien Derelict Cockpitthumbnail of Alien Egg Ithumbnail of Alien Egg IIthumbnail of Alien Egg IIIthumbnail of Alien Hieroglyphics
thumbnail of Alien Ithumbnail of Alien IIthumbnail of Alien IIIthumbnail of Alien IVthumbnail of Alien Landscape
thumbnail of Alien Vthumbnail of Alien VIthumbnail of Corridorthumbnail of Dune Ithumbnail of Dune II
thumbnail of Dune IVthumbnail of Dune Vthumbnail of Dune VIthumbnail of Egg Silo Ithumbnail of Egg Silo II
thumbnail of Egg Silo IIIthumbnail of Erotomechanics IVthumbnail of Erotomechanics IXthumbnail of Erotomechanics Vthumbnail of Erotomechanics VI
thumbnail of Erotomechanics VIIthumbnail of Erotomechanics VIIIthumbnail of Erotomechanics Xthumbnail of Facehugger Ithumbnail of Facehugger II
thumbnail of Facehugger IIIthumbnail of Facehugger IVthumbnail of Landscape Ithumbnail of Landscape IIthumbnail of Landscape IX
thumbnail of Landscape Vthumbnail of Landscape VIthumbnail of Landscape VIIthumbnail of Landscape Xthumbnail of Landscape XII
thumbnail of Landscape XIVthumbnail of Landscape XIXthumbnail of Landscape XVthumbnail of Landscape XVIthumbnail of Landscape XVII
thumbnail of Landscape XVIIIthumbnail of Landscape XXthumbnail of Landscape XXIXthumbnail of Landscape XXVIIthumbnail of Landscape XXVIII
thumbnail of Landscape XXXthumbnail of Necronom Ithumbnail of Necronom IIthumbnail of Necronom IIIthumbnail of Necronom IV
thumbnail of Passage Ithumbnail of Passage II