Edward Hopper

American Painter

1882 AD - 1967 AD

Edward Hopper


Hopper is famous for capturing the mood and feel of the mid-20th century in his paintings. From lonely diners and hotel rooms to houses on the shore, his paintings lend a vision of what life was like in those times.

Edward Hopper's Works of Art

thumbnail of A Woman in the Sunthumbnail of Adobe Housesthumbnail of Adobes and Shed - New Mexicothumbnail of American Landscapethumbnail of Apartment Houses
thumbnail of Approaching a Citythumbnail of Artist's Bedroom, Nyackthumbnail of August In The Citythumbnail of Automatthumbnail of Barn And Silo, Vermont
thumbnail of Blackhead, Monheganthumbnail of Blackhead, Monheganthumbnail of Blackwell's Islandthumbnail of Boy and Moonthumbnail of Bridge in Paris
thumbnail of Bridle Paththumbnail of Burly Cobb's House, South Trurothumbnail of Cabin - Charleston, South Carolinathumbnail of California Hillsthumbnail of Cape Cod Afternoon
thumbnail of Cape Cod Eveningthumbnail of Cape Cod in Octoberthumbnail of Cape Cod Morningthumbnail of Cape Cod Sunsetthumbnail of Carolina Morning
thumbnail of Cars and Rocksthumbnail of Chair Carthumbnail of Chop Sueythumbnail of Church in Easthamthumbnail of City Roofs
thumbnail of City Sunlightthumbnail of Coast Guard Station, Two Lights, Mainethumbnail of Cobb's Barns, South Trurothumbnail of Compartment C, Car 193thumbnail of Conference at Night
thumbnail of Corn Hill, Truro, Cape Codthumbnail of Dauphinee Housethumbnail of Dauphinee Housethumbnail of Davis Housethumbnail of Dawn In Pennsylvania
thumbnail of Don Quixote on Horsebackthumbnail of Drug Storethumbnail of Early Sunday Morningthumbnail of East Riverthumbnail of East Side Interior
thumbnail of El Palaciothumbnail of Eleven a.m.thumbnail of Elizabeth Griffiths Smith Hopper, The Artist's Motherthumbnail of Evening Windthumbnail of Excursion into Philosophy
thumbnail of Fireplace at Hopper's New York Apartmentthumbnail of First Row Orchestrathumbnail of Four Lane Roadthumbnail of Freight Car at Trurothumbnail of Gas
thumbnail of Girlie Showthumbnail of Gloucester Harborthumbnail of Ground Swellthumbnail of High Noonthumbnail of High Road
thumbnail of Hills, South Trurothumbnail of Hotel by the Railroadthumbnail of Hotel Lobbythumbnail of Hotel Roomthumbnail of House At Dusk
thumbnail of House by the Railroadthumbnail of House on Pamet Riverthumbnail of House Topsthumbnail of In a Restaurantthumbnail of Interior (Model Reading)
thumbnail of Intermissionthumbnail of Italian Quarter, Gloucesterthumbnail of Jo in Wyomingthumbnail of Jo Paintingthumbnail of Le Bistro or The Wine Shop
thumbnail of Le Parc de Saint-Cloudthumbnail of Le Quai des Grands Augustinsthumbnail of Les Pont des Artsthumbnail of Les Pont Royalthumbnail of Lighthouse Hill
thumbnail of Macomb's Dam Bridgethumbnail of Manhattan Bridgethumbnail of Manhattan Bridge Loopthumbnail of Mass of Trees at Easthamthumbnail of Morning in a City
thumbnail of Morning Sunthumbnail of New York - New Haven and Hartfordthumbnail of New York Corner (Corner Saloon)thumbnail of New York Moviethumbnail of New York Office
thumbnail of New York Pavementsthumbnail of New York Restaurantthumbnail of New York Street Cornerthumbnail of Night in the El Trainthumbnail of Night Shadows
thumbnail of Night Windowsthumbnail of Nighthawksthumbnail of Notre Dame de Paristhumbnail of November, Washington Squarethumbnail of Nude Crawling Into Bed

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