Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Dutch Painter

1836 AD - 1912 AD

Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Lawrence Alma-Tadema's Works of Art

thumbnail of A Bath (an Antique Custom)thumbnail of A Birth Chamber, Seventeenth Centurythumbnail of A Coign of Vantagethumbnail of A Collection of Pictures at the Time of Augustusthumbnail of A Declaration
thumbnail of A Dedication to Bacchusthumbnail of A Difference of Opinionthumbnail of A Favourite Customthumbnail of A Female Figure Restingthumbnail of A Flag of Truce
thumbnail of A Greek Womanthumbnail of A Hearty Welcomethumbnail of A Kissthumbnail of A Listenerthumbnail of A Love Missile
thumbnail of A Picture Gallerythumbnail of A Pyrrhic Dancethumbnail of A Reading from Homerthumbnail of A Roman Art Loverthumbnail of A Roman Artist
thumbnail of A Roman Emperor, Claudiusthumbnail of A Roman Scribe Writing Dispatchesthumbnail of A Sculptor's Modelthumbnail of A Sculpture Gallery in Rome at the Time of Agrippathumbnail of A Silent Greeting
thumbnail of A Street Altarthumbnail of A World of Their Ownthumbnail of After the Audiencethumbnail of Alfred Waterhousethumbnail of Always Welcome
thumbnail of An Audience at Agrippa'sthumbnail of An Earthly Paradisethumbnail of An Oleanderthumbnail of Anna Alma-Tademathumbnail of Antony and Cleopatra
thumbnail of Architecture in Ancient Romethumbnail of Arthur James Balfour, 1st Earl of Balfourthumbnail of Ask Me No Morethumbnail of At Aphrodite's Cradlethumbnail of Autumn
thumbnail of Ave, Caesar! Io, Saturnalia!thumbnail of Between Hope and Fearthumbnail of Between Venus and Bacchusthumbnail of Boatingthumbnail of Caracalla
thumbnail of Caracalla and Getathumbnail of Catullus at Lesbia'sthumbnail of Cherriesthumbnail of Comparisonsthumbnail of Confidences
thumbnail of Courtshipthumbnail of Courtship, The Proposalthumbnail of Drawing Room, Holland Parkthumbnail of Egyptian Chess Playersthumbnail of Egyptian Juggler
thumbnail of Entrance to a Roman Theatrethumbnail of Exhausted Maenides after the Dancethumbnail of Expectationsthumbnail of Faust and Margueritethumbnail of Figures on the Terrace by the Acropolis
thumbnail of Flora, Spring in the Gardens of the Villa Borghesethumbnail of Gallo-Roman Womenthumbnail of God Speedthumbnail of Hadrian Visiting a Romano-British Potterythumbnail of Her Eyes are with Her Thoughts and They are Far Away
thumbnail of Hopefulthumbnail of In Beauty's Bloomthumbnail of In My Studiothumbnail of In the Peristylethumbnail of In the Tepidarium
thumbnail of In the Time of Constantinethumbnail of Interior of Caius Martius's Housethumbnail of Interior of the Church of San Clemente, Romethumbnail of Interruptedthumbnail of Joseph, Overseer of Pharaoh's Graneries
thumbnail of Leaving the Church in the Fifteenth Centurythumbnail of Lesbia Weeping over a Sparrowthumbnail of Love's Jewelled Fetterthumbnail of Loves Votariesthumbnail of Master John Parsons Millet
thumbnail of Maurice Sensthumbnail of Mid-day Slumbersthumbnail of Miss Alice Lewisthumbnail of Mrs. Frank D. Milletthumbnail of Mrs. George Lewis and Her Daughter Elizabeth
thumbnail of Mrs. Ralph Sneydthumbnail of My Studiothumbnail of Ninety-Four Degrees in the Shadethumbnail of Not at Homethumbnail of On the Road to the Temple of Ceres
thumbnail of Pandorathumbnail of Pastimes in Ancient Egyptthumbnail of Pleadingthumbnail of Poetrythumbnail of Portrait of a Woman
thumbnail of Portrait of Aime-Jules Dalou, His Wife and Daughterthumbnail of Portrait of Ignacy Jan Paderewskithumbnail of Pottery Paintingthumbnail of Preparation in the Colosseumthumbnail of Preparations for the Festivities

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