John George Brown

American Painter

1831 AD - 1913 AD

John George Brown

John George Brown's Works of Art

thumbnail of A Breezy Morningthumbnail of A Confabthumbnail of A Joint Investmentthumbnail of A Leisure Hourthumbnail of A Liberated Woman
thumbnail of A New Weightthumbnail of A Story of the Seathumbnail of A Street Fairthumbnail of A Surprise Partythumbnail of A Thrilling Moment
thumbnail of A Young Girl by the Windowthumbnail of Against His Willthumbnail of Among the Treesthumbnail of An Idle Hourthumbnail of Autumn Landscape, Shelburne, Vermont
thumbnail of Banana Boythumbnail of Best Friendsthumbnail of Blackberry Pickingthumbnail of Broken Parasolthumbnail of Claiming the Shot: After the Hunt in the Adirondacks
thumbnail of Coming over the Hillsthumbnail of Coming Thro' the Ryethumbnail of Coming up Shortthumbnail of Courtingthumbnail of Crossing the Brook
thumbnail of Daisy McComb Holding a Pink Rosethumbnail of Dear Old Granniethumbnail of Deer Hunter in the Woodsthumbnail of Delivery Boythumbnail of Don't Move
thumbnail of Eating the Profitsthumbnail of Extra, Extrathumbnail of Eyeing the Fruit Standthumbnail of Fieldhand with Scythethumbnail of First Reader
thumbnail of Give Him a Lightthumbnail of Give Me a Swingthumbnail of Golden Locksthumbnail of Have a Drinkthumbnail of Have a Game
thumbnail of He Toils at Eightythumbnail of Heels over Headthumbnail of His Favorite Petthumbnail of Home Comfortthumbnail of How d'ye
thumbnail of I Won't Gothumbnail of In Good Handsthumbnail of Jersey Mudthumbnail of Kite Flyersthumbnail of Learning to Curtsey
thumbnail of Look out for the Engine while the Bell Ringsthumbnail of Marching Alongthumbnail of My Best Friendthumbnail of My Pardnerthumbnail of Newsboy
thumbnail of Not to be Trifled Withthumbnail of Old Memoriesthumbnail of On the Hudsonthumbnail of Paddy's Valentinethumbnail of Plotting Mischief
thumbnail of Portrait of Miss Gibsonthumbnail of Putting on Airsthumbnail of Returning Homethumbnail of School Boundthumbnail of Shoe Shine Boy
thumbnail of Shoe Shine Boythumbnail of Shoe Shine Boythumbnail of Shoe Shine Boy with his Dogthumbnail of Stepping Stonesthumbnail of Swinging on a Gate, Southampson, New York
thumbnail of Sympathythumbnail of Taking a Breakthumbnail of The Anxious Momentthumbnail of The Bootblackthumbnail of The Bootblack
thumbnail of The Bully of the Neighborhoodthumbnail of The Button Hole Poseythumbnail of The Cherry Pickerthumbnail of The Coming Squallthumbnail of The Daydream
thumbnail of The Flower Girlthumbnail of The Foundlingthumbnail of The Gangthumbnail of The Industrious Familythumbnail of The Lesson
thumbnail of The Little Jokerthumbnail of The Little Servantthumbnail of The Little Shoe-Shine Boythumbnail of The Little Strollersthumbnail of The Longshoremen's Noon
thumbnail of The New Puppythumbnail of The Picnicthumbnail of The Picnic Basketthumbnail of The Quarrelthumbnail of The Sidewalk Dance
thumbnail of The Sunflower Girlthumbnail of The Swingthumbnail of The Tin Cupthumbnail of The Tomboythumbnail of The Two Musicians

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