John Wayne Gacy

American Painter

1942 AD - 1994 AD

John Wayne Gacy


John Wayne Gacy is one of the most notorious serial killers in history and noted for his creepy costumes that he used for clowning. All the while, he maintained a fairly normal persona and was active in the community. After he was put in prison, he took up painting as a hobby and means of making money. Today, his art is collected by people interested or haunted by his life. Some people are not happy that his art is available and are even willing to buy it to destroy it.


Signature of John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy's Works of Art

thumbnail of Birdsthumbnail of Bubbles the Clownthumbnail of Christthumbnail of Clownsthumbnail of Ed Gein
thumbnail of Flippo the Clownthumbnail of Handprint and Clownsthumbnail of Hi Hothumbnail of Hi Ho Around The Campfirethumbnail of Hi Ho in the Fall
thumbnail of Hi Ho in the Minethumbnail of Hi Ho in the Springthumbnail of Hi Ho in the Winterthumbnail of Hi Ho in the Woodsthumbnail of Hi Ho with Clown
thumbnail of Lou Jacobsthumbnail of Mickeythumbnail of Patchesthumbnail of Pogo and Clown Skullthumbnail of Pogo in the Making
thumbnail of Pogo the Clownthumbnail of Rainbow the Clownthumbnail of Red Christthumbnail of Red Cloudthumbnail of Self-Portrait
thumbnail of Sex Skullthumbnail of Sitting Bullthumbnail of Skullthumbnail of Skullsthumbnail of Zodiac Killer