Charles Marion Russell

American Painter

1864 AD - 1926 AD

Charles Marion Russell

Charles Marion Russell's Works of Art

thumbnail of A Campsite by the Lakethumbnail of A Desperate Standthumbnail of A Serious Predicamentthumbnail of A Slick Riderthumbnail of At Rope's End
thumbnail of Attack on a Wagon Trainthumbnail of Big Horn Sheepthumbnail of Blackfeet Burning Crow Buffalo Rangethumbnail of Breaking Campthumbnail of Bringing Home the Spoils
thumbnail of Bronco Bustingthumbnail of Bronk in a Cow Campthumbnail of Bucking Broncothumbnail of Buffalo Coatthumbnail of Buffalo Hunt
thumbnail of Buffalo Hunt No. 40thumbnail of Camp Cook's Troublesthumbnail of Captain Lewis Meeting the Shoshonesthumbnail of Capturing the Grizzlythumbnail of Carson's Men
thumbnail of Charles M. Russell and His Friendsthumbnail of Christmas Dinner for the Men on the Trailthumbnail of Coming Across the Plainthumbnail of Counting Coupthumbnail of Cowboy Bargaining for an Indian Girl
thumbnail of Cree War Partythumbnail of Crees Coming in to Tradethumbnail of Crossing the Missouri No. 1thumbnail of Crossing the Rangethumbnail of Crow Sheep Hunter
thumbnail of Deer at Lake McDonaldthumbnail of Deer Grazingthumbnail of Deer in a Snowy Forestthumbnail of Driving Buffalo Over the Cliffthumbnail of Four Mounted Indians
thumbnail of His Heart Sleepsthumbnail of Holdup on the Boston Roadthumbnail of Horse of the Hunterthumbnail of Hunting Big Horn Sheepthumbnail of In Enemy Country
thumbnail of In the Wake of the Buffalo Huntersthumbnail of Indian Attackthumbnail of Indian Camp - Lake McDonaldthumbnail of Indian Fight No. 1thumbnail of Indian Hunt
thumbnail of Indian on Horsebackthumbnail of Indian on Horseback with a Childthumbnail of Indian Partythumbnail of Indian Riderthumbnail of Indian Scouting Party
thumbnail of Indian War Partythumbnail of Indian with Spearthumbnail of Indian Women Movingthumbnail of Indian Women Moving Campthumbnail of Indian Women Moving Camp
thumbnail of Indians Hunting Buffalothumbnail of Indians on a Bluff Surveying General Miles' Troopsthumbnail of Indians on Plainsthumbnail of Invocation to the Sunthumbnail of Joe Kipp's Trading Post
thumbnail of Keeomathumbnail of Keeomathumbnail of Lake McDonaldthumbnail of Lassoing a Steerthumbnail of Mandan Warrior
thumbnail of Meat for the Tribethumbnail of Meat's Not Meat 'Til It's In The Panthumbnail of Medicine Rockthumbnail of Men of the Open Rangethumbnail of Mexican Buffalo Hunters
thumbnail of Mexicothumbnail of Mourning Her Warrior Deadthumbnail of Navajo Trackersthumbnail of Navajo Wild Horse Huntersthumbnail of On the Pond
thumbnail of On the Prowlthumbnail of On the Warpaththumbnail of Outnumberedthumbnail of Peaceful Valley Saloonthumbnail of Piegan Hunting Party
thumbnail of Piegansthumbnail of Planning the Attackthumbnail of Plunder on the Horizonthumbnail of Pointing Out the Trailthumbnail of Portrait of an Indian
thumbnail of Rainy Morningthumbnail of Return of the Navajosthumbnail of Return of the War Partythumbnail of Return of the Warriorsthumbnail of Roping a Grizzly
thumbnail of Roping a Wolfthumbnail of Running Buffalothumbnail of Scouting the Enemythumbnail of Self-Portraitthumbnail of Sighting the Enemy
thumbnail of Signal Smokethumbnail of Sioux Torturing a Blackfoot Bravethumbnail of Smoke of a .45thumbnail of Smoke Talkthumbnail of Start of Roundup

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