Horace Pippin

American Painter

1888 AD - 1946 AD

Horace Pippin


Horace Pippin was a self-taught African-American painter who worked in a naive style. The injustice of slavery and American segregation figure prominently in many of his works.

Horace Pippin's Works of Art

thumbnail of Abe Lincoln's First Bookthumbnail of Abe Lincoln, The Good Samaritanthumbnail of Amish Letter Writerthumbnail of Birmingham Meeting House IIIthumbnail of Birmingham Meeting House IV
thumbnail of Cabin in the Cottonthumbnail of Cabin In The Cotton IIIthumbnail of Christ Before Pilatethumbnail of Christ Crowned With Thornsthumbnail of Christmas Morning Breakfast
thumbnail of Crucifixionthumbnail of Deep Are The Rootsthumbnail of Dog Fight Over The Trenchesthumbnail of Domino Playersthumbnail of Giving Thanks
thumbnail of Harmonizingthumbnail of Holy Mountain Ithumbnail of Holy Mountain IIthumbnail of Holy Mountain IIIthumbnail of Interior
thumbnail of John Brown Going To His Hangingthumbnail of John Brown Reading His Biblethumbnail of Major-General Smedley D. Butlerthumbnail of Man On A Benchthumbnail of Man Seated Near Stove
thumbnail of Maple Sugar Seasonthumbnail of Marian Anderson IIthumbnail of Milk Man Of Goshenthumbnail of Mountain Landscapethumbnail of Mr. Prejudice
thumbnail of Portrait Of Christian Brintonthumbnail of Quaker Mother And Childthumbnail of Roses With Red Chairthumbnail of Self-Portraitthumbnail of Self-Portrait
thumbnail of Shell Holes And Observation Balloon, Champagne Sectorthumbnail of Study For The Barracksthumbnail of The Artist's Wifethumbnail of The Barracksthumbnail of The Buffalo Hunt
thumbnail of The Get Away Foxthumbnail of The Hoe Cakethumbnail of The Old Millthumbnail of The Squirrel Hunterthumbnail of The Temptation Of Saint Anthony
thumbnail of The Trial Of John Brownthumbnail of The Warped Table Still Lifethumbnail of The Washthumbnail of The Whippingthumbnail of The Woman Taken In Adultery
thumbnail of Two Pink Rosesthumbnail of Victorian Interiorthumbnail of Victorian Parlor Still Lifethumbnail of Victory Gardenthumbnail of West Chester Court House
thumbnail of West Chester Pennsylvaniathumbnail of Zachariah