Adolf Hitler

Austrian Painter

1889 AD - 1945 AD

Adolf Hitler


Hitler tried his hand at being a painter during his youth. However, he gave up on the profession to pursue a career in politics and the Nazi Party. Eventually, he became dictator of Germany and led it into World War 2, causing the deaths of millions of people.


Signature of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler's Works of Art

thumbnail of Alter Werderthor Wienthumbnail of Arch of Triumph in Munichthumbnail of Ardoye in Flandersthumbnail of Armored Car Attackthumbnail of Battlefield Wall
thumbnail of Bridge with Towersthumbnail of Castle Battlementsthumbnail of Church at Dawnthumbnail of Church Spirethumbnail of Country Road
thumbnail of Destroyed Bridgethumbnail of Destroyed Building with Archwaythumbnail of Destroyed Tankthumbnail of Die Peterskirche in Wienthumbnail of Flower Blossom Study
thumbnail of Flowers with Rootsthumbnail of Germaniathumbnail of Hundwiese Farmhousethumbnail of Informal Dining Roomthumbnail of Informal Dining Room Long View
thumbnail of Lamberg Castlethumbnail of Linz Landscapethumbnail of Millhousethumbnail of Oedensplatzthumbnail of Old City Gate
thumbnail of Perchtoldsdorg Castle and Churchthumbnail of Road to No Man's Landthumbnail of Rolling Hillsthumbnail of Ruins of a Cloister in Messinesthumbnail of Ruins with Arches
thumbnail of Shelter in Fournesthumbnail of Sitting Roomthumbnail of Smoking Tankthumbnail of St. Peter's Church in Viennathumbnail of Still Life With Bottle and Fruit
thumbnail of Still Life with Flowersthumbnail of Tank Battlegroundthumbnail of Tank Patrolthumbnail of The Basler Gatethumbnail of The Castle on the Donau
thumbnail of The Country Churchthumbnail of The Courtyard of the Old Residency in Munichthumbnail of The Hermann's New Millhousethumbnail of The Munich Opera Housethumbnail of The Old Building in Stand of Trees
thumbnail of The St. Charles Churchthumbnail of The Trailthumbnail of Town Gatethumbnail of Vienna Opera Housethumbnail of War Torn Town
thumbnail of White Orchids