Paul Dettwiler

Swedish Painter

1961 AD -

Paul Dettwiler

Paul Dettwiler (born 1961 in Karlshamn, Sweden) has been active as a painter since the late 70th with exhibitions in Sweden and Switzerland (1985, Galerie d'Arfi, 1992 Galerie Collis). He is a trained architect and painter of fine arts during the 70s and 80s in Sweden (at studios of his father the designer Max Dettwiler, Valborg Lagerblad, Graham Stacy, Pal Svensson, Bror Stawe and the architects Arne Branzell, Frederic Brugger, Dr. Hans Nordenstrom and Sture Sjoman) ". During the 80s P. Dettwiler had classistic/surrealistic influences from G. de Chirico, P-O Klyft (who were derived from the ambience of H-R Giger). Dettwiler turned to a more realist/expressionistic approach in the 90s but still maintaining the technique and basic composition ideals from the Venetian masters of the renaissance which has in fact always been the point of departure of the oil paintings of Dettwiler.

Paul Dettwiler's Works of Art

thumbnail of End of Peace
thumbnail of Kontoristforeningen Gothenburg
thumbnail of Lac Leman
thumbnail of Lady with Hat
thumbnail of Lausanne
thumbnail of Linnestaden Gothenburg
thumbnail of Madonna
thumbnail of Meeting
thumbnail of Orient
thumbnail of Panic in Desert
thumbnail of Self-Portrait
thumbnail of Still Life
thumbnail of Study
thumbnail of Study
thumbnail of Study
thumbnail of Study
thumbnail of The Blue Wallpaper
thumbnail of Vasaplatsen Gothenburg