Fred G. Johnson

American Painter

1892 AD -

Fred G. Johnson


Fred G. Johnson was a famous sideshow banner artist from Chicago. His paintings were used to advertise sideshows throughout the United States over much of the 20th century. Today his banners are highly collectible.

Fred G. Johnson's Works of Art

thumbnail of 2 Headed Babythumbnail of 3-Legged Chickenthumbnail of 5 Legged Cowthumbnail of Alivethumbnail of Amazon Snake Charmer
thumbnail of Armless Girlthumbnail of Baby Bearsthumbnail of Bearded Ladythumbnail of Big Footed Girlthumbnail of Brenda Beatty
thumbnail of Buried Alivethumbnail of Cardiff Giantthumbnail of Cavalcade World of Wondersthumbnail of Cow with 5 Legsthumbnail of Dance of Death
thumbnail of Defies Deaththumbnail of Dolly Reaganthumbnail of Ducks with 4 Wingsthumbnail of Dwarf African Goatthumbnail of Eeka and Giant Snakes
thumbnail of Entombed in a Ton of Icethumbnail of Falabella Horsethumbnail of Father and Daughterthumbnail of Fight for Lifethumbnail of Freak Oddities
thumbnail of From the Arcticthumbnail of Gauchothumbnail of Gorillathumbnail of Half Girlthumbnail of Half-Lady Half-Baby
thumbnail of Half-Manthumbnail of Harold Smiththumbnail of Human Corkscrewthumbnail of Human Paradoxthumbnail of Human Pin Cushion
thumbnail of Is She Truly From the Arcticthumbnail of Jeri and the Boy Wonderthumbnail of Jungle Landthumbnail of Junglelandthumbnail of Knife Thrower
thumbnail of Male to Femalethumbnail of Master Jugglerthumbnail of Master of Magicthumbnail of Midget Bullthumbnail of Midget Horses
thumbnail of Miniature Animal Exhibitthumbnail of Monkey Peoplethumbnail of Monkeylandthumbnail of Monkeys and Porcupinesthumbnail of Mountain Sheep
thumbnail of Nellie the Dog Childthumbnail of Obby Dobbythumbnail of Ostrich Girlthumbnail of Past and Presentthumbnail of Pinhead
thumbnail of Prince Arthur Midgetthumbnail of Rosemary's Babythumbnail of Siamese Twinsthumbnail of Snakesthumbnail of Spider Girl and Sponge Girl
thumbnail of Stilt Walkersthumbnail of Strangest Married Couplethumbnail of Tanagra Live Mermaidthumbnail of Tattooed Girlthumbnail of Teenie-Weenie Comedians
thumbnail of The Human Iciclethumbnail of The Last Milethumbnail of The Mermaidthumbnail of Tinythumbnail of Tomb of Terror
thumbnail of Two-Headed Calfthumbnail of Wildlife Exhibitthumbnail of World's Smallest Horsethumbnail of World's Strangest Birth